Protecting the Ultimate Resource – Our People

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In a statement released 19 May 2003, the Secretary of Defense challenged DoD to improve its safety record stating that “World class organizations do not tolerate preventable accidents”.  In 2005, the Secretary of Defense issued a new challenge to reduce mishaps 75% by Fiscal Year 2008.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) have proven to be highly effective in reducing organizations’ incident rates and lost work days. VPP “Star” sites report:

Military departments, agencies and installations participating in the VPP process should not only expect an improved safety record but also an overall improved readiness. Given this double benefit, Defense Safety Oversight Council is turning to the VPP in response to the Secretary of Defense’s challenge by establishing the DoD VPP Center of Excellence (VPP CX).
The DoD VPP CX will support nominated installations with achieving and maintaining Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) VPP recognition, which means they have exemplary Safety Management Systems and programs.


The DoD VPP CX provides on-site and remote assistance and training to nominated installations supporting their efforts. 

Contact Information

DoD VPP CX / Concurrent Technologies Corporation
Phone: VPPCX22880 (877) 262-2080

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