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DoD on VPP


The mission of the DoD VPP CX is to assist DoD Installation Commanders and Activity Directors in achieving Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Star Status.  Participation and recognition in the OSHA program requires rigorous safety reviews and typically results in a 55-60% reduction in workplace accidents.  The DoD's goal was to reduce mishaps 75% by 2008.


The OSHA VPP Star Status Process is projected to impact the DoD in a proactive manner that will help installations reorganize or develop a strong safety and health culture throughout their sites.  Some huge factors that come into play when making the leap to the VPP way are ensuring that the employees are aware of the process and to notify them of what their responsibilities are toward the effort.  The VPP Process is expected to help installations establish a consistent way to report injury and illnesses that occur, and places a strong emphasis on trying to move the concept of measuring and accepting injuries and illnesses to applying a more proactive and preventative approach to all mishaps that do occur.  The VPP Process will require the DoD Installations to identify VPP site mentors in order to hold civilians and active duty employees accountable for safety and health functions.  Overall the VPP Star Status Process will help the largest federal employers to stand out as a strong example for other federal agencies. 


While working towards VPP Star Status Recognition many DoD Installations may face similar challenges that the VPP CX team will help the DoD to overcome.  Some of these challenges may include:


- Adoption of the VPP Philosophy by active duty personnel


- Seeing the differences and dealing with them between each Service as well as the DLA Safety and Health Programs


- Dealing with the size and magnitude of some of the installations working towards VPP Status


- Implementing an accountability system that holds all employees accountable, as well as, the individuals at the command level


- Creating strong lines of communication from the top down, and instilling in the site the importance of support towards obtaining VPP Star Status from the higher echelons



In order to overcome the challenges that nominated DoD Installations may face, the VPP CX team is committed to facilitating site implementation progress and application implementation statuses.

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