How Will Valuation Melbourne Be In The Future

Is possible with some lenders if you can get the service again there so that’s the thing it’s it’s possible to do a lot of people don’t realize that and yeah we’re getting increasingly a lot of inquiries about that so I’m just an interesting property valuer qualifications point think we’re going to continue to see more of in the future it’s just a thing’s though that you’re going to need a lot of money to get one of those.

Nonelastic I want to talk about exceptions in terms of that we’ve be enable to get some lenders that will allow you to actually bring up your contributions right up to the concessional maximum so that might be k get advice on that but k per individual per year depending on age obviously bumping that right up really makes a huge difference when it comes to your servicing overall.

so that’s something that we’ve seen recently and that will allow you to potentially you know service a lot more in your and obviously Smurfs they continue to grow they continue to get stronger there are very tax friendly environment for most people obviously you can’t access the you know equity very easily unless you’re near a time and edge but at the same time there something that’s going to continue to grow in the future and yet the servicing you know people reworking out servicing issues with the contributions the thing is with thatch you know a lot of people do try and buy you know new properties to servicing can be.