Amazing Property Valuers Perth Hacks

value and we get a solution present value of it’s negative because they’re making investment at time and just a cash outflow from the decision-makers point of vie wok this is the last week of class which is good news and bad news the good news’s it is the last week of class so next Monday is when your project is due by p.m. it doesn’t have to be done before class by p.m. on Monday.

so try not too a lot of your project on Monday Property Valuers Perth is not a good idea if you’re done on Friday Saturday Sunday go intended to me anyway so you don’t have to wait till Monday I will send you a summary sheet on Wednesday when I would ask you for numbers are new companies and the reason I would like that is on Monday actually well I’m gonna do is take your company’s and show you what you found until the dividend policy capital structure valuation everything you did you can seethe distribution of Jensen self.

as an EV aids and whatever else you do so we’ll know but waiting on Wednesday said its a little Excel spreadsheet just numbers that you guys so when you get a chance we can fill it and send it to me that would be great also the final exam for this class official final exam is a week from Friday which is Friday the now if you feel really superstitious about Friday the or you’re unable to take the exam on Friday the there is amoral exam option that I said you but some of you might have lost at Lake already but is a Google shared spreadsheet we gotta go sign up because it’s only a certain capacity.